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Raritan Remote Power Control Unit 20 Outlet 16 Amp with Power CIM (P2CIM-PWR)

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With Remote Power Control, you can control power to data center devices anytime and from anywhere via web browser, serial or out-of-band access. Each unit has individually (relay) controlled AC power receptacles, enabling users to monitor current, voltage, power and temperature.

In the event of system failure and/or system lockup, rebooting is often the only option. For true "lights out" data center management, the ability to recover these systems remotely is vital. With Raritan's Remote Power Control units, you can eliminate the need to perform manual intervention or dispatch field personnel and reduce downtime.

Features and innovations that deliver what you demand

  • True RMS current monitoring with overload alarm buzzer and indicator LED.
  • Receptacle status retention during power loss.
  • Individual or collective control of receptacles.
  • Programmable unit ID and receptacle names.
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring.
  • Zero-U form factor available.
  • 16 Amp Power Rating.
  • Available in multiple plug and receptacle form factors.
  • Audible overload Alarm.

20-Outlet Remote Power Control Unit with Power CIM (P2CIM-PWR) 220V, 16A, IEC320 C20 P, IEC320 C13 R, zero-U  and  P2CIM-PWR
Height: 44 x 44 x 1,670mm Weight: 11 lbs; 4.99 kg