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Adder 8 Port Power Supply System (pre-fited with two removable power supplies) Rack mountable

Adder redundant power supply (RED PSU) provides your installation with the power to grow on demand. 19 inch rack mountable power distribution unit with redundancy, available with 8 or 16 outputs.

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The Adder redundant power supply (RED PSU) provides your installation with the power to grow on demand. Housed within a 1U 19-inch rack mount module, RED PSU delivers up to sixteen lockable power 12VDC outputs, hot-swappable power modules and remote management.

  • 8 or 16 port independently controllable 12V outputs,
  • 2 hot swappable power modules,
  • Controllable via secure HTTP interface,
  • REST API for 3rd party control integration,
  • 500,000hrs MTBF ratings on power modules,
  • 12V to 5V cable converters available for units with 5V power feeds.

Power to match your needs

While individual Adder power adaptors perform well, as your installation expands and its devices proliferate, separate adaptors can become unwieldy and difficult to manage. RED PSU provides a significant step up in terms of efficiency, reliability and power management

8 or 16 port power outputs with locking connectors

RED PSU is available in two variants, offering either 8 or 16 separate, lockable power output ports. Each output is limited to a maximum of 20 Watts at 12V and each uses a locking connector to guard against accidental disconnection

Hot swappable power modules

Conversion from the mains AC supply to low voltage DC occurs within either one, or two switched mode 460W power modules, which slot into the rear of the RED PSU chassis. A single power module is rated at 500,000 hours MTBF and this can easily meet the needs of sixteen ports. However, in situations where redundancy is required, a second power module can be included in the second module bay. With two power modules fitted, the normal load will be intelligently balanced between them on an equal basis; with full load transferring immediately to one should the other cease operation


Power integrity, safety and management are core elements of the RED PSU system. At start up RED PSU checks the validity of the power module(s). It then enables each of the power outputs in sequence to reduce the instantaneous load on the power modules. After start up each power output is protected by overlapping safety features that guard against excess demand by any connected device

Web interface control

RED PSU can be controlled and monitored via a web interface.  Temperature, fan speeds and individual current measurements are viewable and each output can be individually controlled. Web interface security is by HTTP digest authentication (RFC 2617) with username and password as requested information


A REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API is available with all functionality to which authorized 3rd party control systems can interface

12V to 5V converter for 5V products

Many existing Adder devices are powered from 5V supplies. An optional compact converter dongle allows 5V products to be used with the RED PSU, including the AdderLink Infinity range

Power Distribution

Whether configured with redundant power or a single power supply, the RED PSU is the perfect in rack power distribution solution, simplifying cable management and delivering remote flexibility to manage your devices.

Mains inputs

2 x IEC 90-264VAC 47/63Hz input
Efficiency 92%
Power Factor 0.99 typical

Peripheral connections

1x 8p8c for 10/100 Ethernet connection.

Power outputs

8 or 16 x locking 3-pin DC connector, 12VDC 20W output. Each output is a Limited Power Service (LPS) to IEC 60950-1.

Physical design 

Compact case, robust metal construction. Designed for 19 inch rack mounting: 435mm/17.13” (w), 44mm/1.73” (h), 275mm/10.8” (d), 4.5kg/9.9lbs. 

Operating  conditions 

Temperature: 0 to 50ºC / 32 to 122ºF
Humidity: 5 – 90% Non condensing
Altitude: <2000Meters / 6500ft
MTBF: 500,000hrs at full load @50oC

Local client requirements

Browser versions:
Internet Explorer® 10,11
Firefox 24 ESR and above
Chrome 43



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Adder 8 Port Power Supply System (pre-fited with two removable power supplies) Rack mountable Adder 8 Port Power Supply System (pre-fited with two removable power supplies) Rack mountable
$3,030.00 In stock