Guntermann and Drunck GD-A1110169

GDSys DVI-Vision-CAT-ARU2 CPU Module Extender

DVI-Vision - transmission of DVI signals via CAT. 
The system consists of a computer module (transmitter) and a user module (receiver) and enables you to operate a computer on a local or remote console.

The devices use DVI video and are available as variants displaying 1, 2, 3 or 4 video channels. It is also possible to transmit transparent USB 2.0, RS232 and audio signals.

With its network port, the web interface and monitoring functions, the DVI-Vision system offers important features for mission-critical applications.    Requires a CPU Module A1120202.

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21 - 28 Days

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Resolutions per channel up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz
Video bandwidth up to 165 MPixel/s
24 bit colour mode
Supports digital and analog monitors at the console
Transparent forwarding of E-DDC information
Bidirectional transmission of audio and RS232 signals
Transparent transmission USB 2.0 up to 480MBS (100 meters) Optional
100 % permanent keyboard/mouse emulation
Network connection for monitoring, Syslog, communication with the KVM Network Center
Matrix compatibility will be possible in the future with a firmware update
Screen-Freeze function
Desk Mount with rack mount kit optional
Three year back to base warranty as standard

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GDSys DVI-Vision-CAT-ARU2 CPU Module Extender GDSys DVI-Vision-CAT-ARU2 CPU Module Extender
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