Guntermann and Drunck GD-A5000003

GDSys DiSign VGA/Audio Console Long Haul Receiver up to 300m

The DiSign-CON display modules transmit AV information from splitter to display. Each module provides ports to connect 2 displays.  Requires a CATPro2-Audio-USB computer module (GD-A2320039).

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  • VGA resolutions up to 1920 x 1140 @ 75 Hz
  • Audio in CD quality


  • Variant for transmitting lengths up to 300 m (ld variant)

The lengths apply to the distance between computer module and display. 


  • External power supply


  • Automatic video tuning for each line between computer and display


  • Connects 2 displays per device
  • Hot pluggable

Transmission length

  • DiSign-CON-AV2-ld
    for distances up to 300 m

DiSign-CON-AV2-long distance
Video out 2 × D-Sub HD 15 socket
Audio Line out 2 × 3.5 mm jack socket
To splitter 1 × RJ45 socket
For update 1 × Mini-USB-B socket
Signal type VGA
Resolution (depending on cable) Up to 1920 × 1440 @ 75Hz
Delay compensation Yes
Design Internal
Sampling rate 48 kHz
Resolution 24 bit stereo
Bandwidth 22 kHz
Transmission type Dedicated CAT-x link
Transmission cable type CAT-x cable
Transmission length
computer module => display module
300 m
Connection RJ45 socket
Assigned connectors at splitter 1
Power supply
Type External power pack
Connection Mini-DIN 4 socket
Voltage +12VDC/400mA
Material Anodised aluminium
Desktop (W × D × H) 105 × 26 × 160 mm
Weight Approx. 350 g
Process Via local service socket
Connection Mini-USB-B socket
Operating conditions
Temperature +5 to +45 °C
Air humidity < 80% non-condensing
Conformity CE, RoHs

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GDSys DiSign VGA/Audio Console Long Haul Receiver up to 300m GDSys DiSign VGA/Audio Console Long Haul Receiver up to 300m
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