Adder Serial CAM

Adder CATx CONSOLE Serial CAM New to the Adder CAM range is the Adder CATx CONSOLE Serial CAM, giving you serial connectivity to your target machines.The Adder CATx CONSOLE Serial CAM only works from the ADDERView CATx IP5000. Used in conjunction with the ADDERView CATx IP5000, it can be used as a serial console (sometime known as a terminal server). This gives you out of band access to target command line interface (CLI) as well as console access to network switches..

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Computer Access Modules (CAM's) allow the user to connect multiple different machine platforms to an Adder CATx switch or KVM extender.

New to the CAM range is the CATX-CONSOLE serial CAM, giving you serial connectivity to your target machines.

Serial interfaces can be used for server control or power control where serial configuration is available.

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Adder Serial CAM Adder Serial CAM
$145.00 In stock