InfraPower® Basic Series PDUs are designed for cost efficient and reliable power distribution in data center. Customer can meet end to end equipment and management requirements using InfraPower® whilst meeting budget and application demands.

Basic Series PDUs provide a complete solution with IEC C13, IEC C19, US NEMA, UK BS1363, GR Schuko outlet selections. Furthermore, configuration in various outlet types are available to meet specific end-users' requirements.

For ease of installation, all Basic PDUs can fit with either of input plugs : EN60309 16Amp/ 32Amp, IEC C20, BS1363, L6-20P/ 30P, or unterminated.MCB is essential for safety operation.

Our MCB is a kind of hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker which is bundled by the InfraPower® PDU models.Mission critical equipment always comes with redundant power supply to provide continuous services. Pair of PDUs for two different power sources becomes a standard requirement in a server rack.

InfraPower® PDU Solution provides the simplest way to solve the cable management problems by introducing optional colored PDU casings and power cables.Users can simply distinguish the PDU from which power source according to the color of the PDU casing or power cable.

InfraPower® PDUs are supplied with 2 types of mounting kits; Vertical Button Mounting Kit & Vertical Bracket Mounting Kit. The tool-less kits can be used on the majority of global branded racks.

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H16C13 / 4C19-16A/CR_C20/3B-1