3-Phase Wi Intelligent PDU - Necessity for Co-location

3-Phase Monitored kWh PDU with Outlet Measurement

For the data centers which are providing co-location services, the ability to remotely monitor kWh consumption per outlet is a necessity. Co-location rental requires outlet level kWh information to estimate the energy consumption of each co-located rack space or even each rackmount equipment.

The Wi PDU meter is designed with a 1.8" color LCD display. It provides a sharp and highly visible reading for the local individual outlet level reading of current(Amp), voltage(Volt), power(kVA, kW), energy consumption(kWh), power factor, as well as temperature and humidity.With the use of an IP dongle via a simple, secure web based GUI management interface, this allows remote individual socket monitoring.

The Wi PDU can be cascaded up to a maximum of 16 PDUs using a low cost Cat6 patch cord allowing access control and monitoring via a single IP address over an Ethernet network.The real time monitoring provided by the Wi PDU can help users with capacity planning and improving the overall efficiency of the data center.

Austin Hughes


VP36C13 / 6C19-32A-Wi/CR_EN/2B-1