Raritan PX Intelligent PDUs with outlet level metering and switching include all features presents accross all Raritan PX families: Inlet and Circuit Breaker Monitoring, trip status intelligence, and include support for remote ethernet and serial access, plug-and-play environmental sensors, dual USB ports, Expansion and feature ports among others. 

PX 5000 series features metering current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh), along with high-end, Bi-State Latching Relays, high accuracy outlet metering chips, high resistance input cable fixations, heat-proof chassis treatment to ensure the highest level of uptime and usability, easy installation with button mount and custom bracket compatibility.

PX 5000 series PDUs allow advanced management and configuration features, making it simple to identify stranded power capacity, and control the entire infrastructure remotely with accurate metering data. 5000 series provides hundreds of configurable metering and sensing points to the user, and natively support all Raritan peripherals along with 3rd party instruments.

All Raritan PDUs benefit from years of data center expertise, and are designed for uptime, and integrate natively with Power IQ DCIM Software.

All PX intelligent PDUs are powered by Xerus technology platform, providing overpowered compute, backing the most reliable network security, interoperability and ease of configuration, through continuous Xerus Firmware updates.

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