DisplayPort / USB extenders you can digitally place the operating console on your computer via network cable or fibre cable.

They can allow you to transmit not only DisplayPort video streams, but also digital audio, analog audio, and high or low speed USB 2.0

KVM extenders are devices designed to increase the distance between a keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM station) and a computer. USB keyboard and mouse protocols are only designed to run a distance of about 5-10m, and digital video signal quality is typically starting to deteriorate beyond about the same cable length (depending on the type of cable and interface)

They are a convenient solution to transmit these signals over long distances. The main purpose of KVM extenders is to provide point-to-point computer extension and giving access to computers from remote locations (e.g. secure data centres), ultimately helping to increase productivity workflow and workspace ergonomics.

KVM extenders are used for a range of applications such as:

  • Remote PC access: enable remote high-speed KVM access to a single computer at HD display resolutions
  • Multi PC access: control multiple remote computers with a single set of peripherals for an extended desktop experience
  • Improve workspace ergonomics: reduce noise and clutter at the work place
  • Secure computers in safeguarded locations: protect them from damage, technical failures or major power outages
  • Data access protection: prevent content theft or unauthorised network access by limiting software/hardware access.
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