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This category contains commonly used Adapters and Gender Changers

Video Slimline Gender Changer 15pin HDF / 15pin HDF


Adder DVI-I (M) to VGA (F) analogue video adaptor - Convert DVI Computer to VGA for CATX-USB Interface Module


Adder PS/2 to USB mouse adaptor (green) for iPEPS products GTK USB-PS2-GN99-R .


Adder VSA92 IPEPS Keyboard Adaptor Replacement USB keyboard converter plug for use with ADDERLink IPEPS. The USB converter allows you to use the computer's USB sockets but also enables the Adder Virtual Media feature to be used.


OpenGear Adapter RJ45-RJ45 Cisco/SUN devices


Adder VGA to DVI-D video converter, USB powered


USB Converter - Converts single combined USB Keyboard Mouse port and splits them to present a single keyboard and mouse to the host source


Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition (ME) External Multi-Display Adapter