Extenders » DVI / HDMI Extenders

These DVI /HDMI Extenders extend DVI Video or HDMI Video. 

Fiber Multi Mode DVI Extender Max Dist 500m @ 1024x768, Max Resolution 1920x1200 EOL (limited Stock)


ADDERLink DVI Digital Video Extender ALDV120P


ADDERLink HDMI Digital video/audio Transmitter, extender and drive up to four remote displays


ADDERLink Digital Video/Audio Switch Extender Kit (includes ALDV104T plus 4 HDMI Rx Modules)


AdderLink DVI-D Line Power Extender Receiver ALDV120R


Adderlink DVI Tx - HDMI Rx Digital Video Extender


Adderlink HDMI Tx / DVI Rx - Digital Video Extender


Adderlink Digital Video Extender DVI Transmitter


Adder XDIP - Fanless, HDMI,USB & Audio Extender / KVM-Over-IP Matrix. including external PSU. Transmiter or Receiver