Guntermann and Drunck GD-A1120204

GnD Fibre DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU2-CON Console Unit

DVI-Vision - transmission of DVI signals via CAT or fibre optics

The system consists of a computer module (transmitter) and a user module (receiver) and enables you to operate a computer on a local or remote console.

DVI-Vision uses CAT-x cables or fibre optics to transmit signals up to 10,000 m. The devices use DVI video and are available as variants displaying 1, 2 or 4 video channels. It is also possible to transmit transparent USB 2.0, RS232 and audio signals.

With its network port, the web interface and monitoring functions, the DVI-Vision system offers important features for mission-critical applications.


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Fibre optics

Big distances are bridgeable with fibre optics. The signals can be transmitted by multimode or singlemode fibers up to 10,000 m.

Transmission bandwith of the DVI-Vision-Fiber = 3,125 Gbit/s

Screen-Freeze Function 

If the console module loses the video signal due to a broken connection or a problem with the computer's graphics card, the Screen-Freeze function "freezes" the last displayed image of the monitor. This state is highlighted by a red semi-transparent frame. The function is automatically cancelled when the display receives an active video signal.


  • At both modules console with all video channels
  • via Web-Interface or OSD
  • Competing or exclusive operation via local or remote workplace


  • Supports PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse; allows mixed operation
  • Permanent keyboard/mouse emulation
  • Redundant, external power supply (optional)
  • Ident LED helps finding the device in complex installations
  • Shipped as desktop variant (Twin devices and sets for rack- or tablemounting are seperately available)

System update

  • Over the config panel

Embedding extenders in digital matrix systems

To be prepared for growing installations, the integrated matrix support turns the DVI-Vision into a future-proof investment.

This way, it is possible to include extenders at a later point into one of the digital G&D matrix systems within an existing installation. Thus, users benefit from more flexibility through distributed access - and any existing components can still be used as before.





  • Highly developed compression algorhythm of the latest generation for best video quality and latency-free transmission - The High-Dynamic-Image-Processing level 3
  • Single-Link DVI signals
  • Resolutions per channel up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60 Hz (more VESA and CEA standardized resolutions within the video bandwith and the horizontal / vertical frequency are possible, e.g. 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz)
  • Video bandwidth: 25 to 165 MPixel/s
  • Vertical frequency: 24 Hz to 120 Hz
  • 24 bit colour mode
  • Supports digital and analog monitors at the console
  • Transparent forwarding of E-DDC information
  • Single- and multi-channel variants



  • Transmission of bidirectional audio and RS232
  • PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse support
  • Integrated USB 2.0 transmission with Full Speed (ARU variant)
  • Transparent transmission of USB 2.0 with Hi-Speed 480 MBit/s (ARU2 variant)
  • Generic USB-HID interface for connecting any HID device, e.g. touchscreens or tablets


  • Distances up to 140 meters at maximum resolution over CAT-x cable (x = 5e, 6, 7; depending on cable)
  • Distances up to 400 metres at maximum resolution with multimode fiber optics
  • Distances up to 5,000 (S) or 10,000 m (S+) metres at maximum resolution with singlemode fiber optics


Transmission via fiber optics

Here you find all item numbers of the DVI-Vision-Fiber variants:

Computer modules

Item No. Description
A1110172 DVI-Vision-F(M)-AR-CPU
A1110171 DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU-CPU
A1110168 DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU2-CPU
A1110173 DVI-Vision-F(S)-AR-CPU
A1110174 DVI-Vision-F(S)-ARU-CPU
A1110176 DVI-Vision-F(S)-ARU2-CPU
A1110175 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-AR-CPU
A1110178 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-ARU-CPU
A1110177 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-ARU2-CPU

User modules

Item No. Description
A1120203 DVI-Vision-F(M)-AR-CON
A1120200 DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU-CON
A1120204 DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU2-CON
A1120199 DVI-Vision-F(S)-AR-CON
A1120206 DVI-Vision-F(S)-ARU-CON
A1120205 DVI-Vision-F(S)-ARU2-CON
A1120207 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-AR-CON
A1120209 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-ARU-CON
A1120208 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-ARU2-CON

Computer modules

Item No. Description
A1210176 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC2-AR-CPU
A1210184 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC2-ARU-CPU
A1210183 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC2-ARU2-CPU
A1210177 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC2-AR-CPU
A1210179 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC2-ARU-CPU
A1210178 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC2-ARU2-CPU
A1210181 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC2-AR-CPU
A1210180 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC2-ARU-CPU
A1210182 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC2-ARU2-CPU
A1410175 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC4-AR-CPU
A1410183 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC4-ARU-CPU
A1410182 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC4-ARU2-CPU
A1410176 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC4-AR-CPU
A1410178 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC4-ARU-CPU
A1410177 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC4-ARU2-CPU
A1410180 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC4-AR-CPU
A1410179 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC4-ARU-CPU
A1410181 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC4-ARU2-CPU

Console modules

Item No. Description
A1220206 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC2-AR-CON
A1220214 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC2-ARU-CON
A1220213 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC2-ARU2-CON
A1220207 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC2-AR-CON
A1220209 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC2-ARU-CON
A1220208 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC2-ARU2-CON
A1220211 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC2-AR-CON
A1220210 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC2-ARU-CON
A1220212 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC2-ARU2-CON
A1420207 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC4-AR-CON
A1420215 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC4-ARU-CON
A1420214 DVI-Vision-F(M)-MC4-ARU2-CON
A1420208 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC4-AR-CON
A1420209 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC4-ARU-CON
A1420210 DVI-Vision-F(S)-MC4-ARU2-CON
A1420212 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC4-AR-CON
A1420211 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC4-ARU-CON
A1420213 DVI-Vision-F(S+)-MC4-ARU2-CON


Abbreviation Description
A Audio
R RS232
U integrated USB 2.0 transmission without an additional transmission cable - Transfer speed up to 16 Mbit/s
U2 USB 2.0 transmission with an additional cable - Transfer speed up to 480 Mbit/s
MC2 Multichannel variant with two video inputs per channel
MC3 Multichannel variant with three video inputs per channel
MC4 Multichannel variant with four video inputs per channel
(S) Single mode
(S+) Single mode+
(M) Multi mode




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GnD Fibre DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU2-CON Console Unit GnD Fibre DVI-Vision-F(M)-ARU2-CON Console Unit
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