Guntermann and Drunck GD-A1220242

DP1.2-Vision-CAT-MC2-ARU2-CON - transmission of DisplayPort 1.2 signals via CAT - Dual Head Remote Unit

The system consists of a computer module (transmitter) and a user module (receiver) and enables you to operate a computer on a local or remote console.

DP1.2-Vision uses CAT-x cables or fibre optics to transmit signals up to 140 m (CAT) or up to 10,000 m (Fiber). The devices use DisplayPort 1.2 video and are available as single and multi channel variant (in preparation). It is also possible to transmit transparent USB 2.0, RS232 and audio signals.

With its network port, the web interface and monitoring functions, the DP1.2-Vision system offers important features for mission-critical applications.


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DP1.2-Vision systems are available as CAT or Fiber variants. These differ by the used transmission cable between the sender and receiver module.


Video channels

  • Single-channel
  • Multi channel (in preparation)

USB transmission

  • "U" variants: integrated USB 2.0 transmission without an additional transmission cable. This variant offers transfer speed up to 16 Mbit/s.
  • "U2" variants: USB 2.0 transmission with an additional cable. This solution reaches the HiSpeed transfer rate of 480 Mbit/s.

Transmission medium

  • DP1.2-Vision-CAT variants: transmission via CAT-x cables
  • DP1.2-Vision-Fiber variants: transmission via multimode or singlemode fiber optics

The Installation

Link the computer to the back of the DP1.2-Vision transmitter. Distinctive cables connect the computer's keyboard, video, mouse, audio, RS232, and USB interfaces to the DP1.2-Vision computer module.

Installing the user console is just as easy: simply connect the operating hardware and monitor with the corresponding interfaces of the DP1.2-Vision receiver.

Use the existing cabling structure to link transmitter and receiver.

Embedding extenders in digital matrix systems

digital matrix systems

To be prepared for growing installations, the integrated matrix support turns the DP1.2-Vision into a future-proof investment.

This way, it is possible to include extenders into digital G&D matrix systems. Thus, users benefit from more flexibility through distributed access.


  • Support of DisplayPort 1.2a video
  • Support of 4K and ultra HD resolutions at 60 Hz
  • Transmission is compressed, pixel perfect, with low latency and ideal hand eye coordination
  • Pixel encoding RGB 4:4:4 with 24bpp / 8bpc
  • Resolution with pixel rates between 25 MPixel/s and 600 MPixel/s at the computer module, at the local console and at the user module
  • 24 bit colour depth
  • Exemplary resolutions: 4096x2160/60Hz (4Kp60Hz), 3840x2160/60Hz (Ultra-HD/60Hz), 1920x1200/60Hz, 2560x1600/60Hz, 2048x2048/60Hz (2Kx2K)
  • Further VESA and CEA standardized resolutions with refresh rates within the range of the maximum pixel rate as well as horizontal and vertical frequency possible
  • Horizontal frequency: 25kHz - 180kHz
  • Vertical frequency: 24Hz - 200Hz


  • Can be operated in extender or matrix mode
  • Ident LED to quickly find devices in complex installations
  • Web interface for configuration, monitoring and updates
  • SNMP (trap and agent)
  • Permanent keyboard and mouse emulation
  • Permanent monitor emulation
  • E-EDID support
  • Local console at computer module
  • Freeze function at remote console

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DP1.2-Vision-CAT-MC2-ARU2-CON - transmission of DisplayPort 1.2 signals via CAT - Dual Head Remote Unit DP1.2-Vision-CAT-MC2-ARU2-CON - transmission of DisplayPort 1.2 signals via CAT - Dual Head Remote Unit
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