Guntermann and Drunck GD-A2300120

GDSys ControlCenter Compact 128C. Compact matrix switch with 128 dynamic ports over CatX. 3RU

ControlCenter Compact 128 CAT Dynamic Ports 3HU is fully compatible with DVICenter, ControlCenter-Digital and the end components for computer and workstation connections.   One central module, a number of workstation module and a number of PC modules. .

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A KVM matrix system of the ControlCenter Compact series consists of at least one central module, one workstation module and one target module. The central module of the ControlCenter Compact series is the central component of the KVM matrix system. The workstation and target modules are connected to this. 

The KVM matrix system enables a workstation module to be connected to a target module. The video image of the computer connected to the Target module is displayed on the workstation monitor. Use the keyboard and mouse of the workstation to operate the connected computer. The ControlCenter-Compact is available in CAT, fiber and mixed versions. This ensures that you can always use the right KVM matrix system for your application.

Thanks to its dynamic port technology, each interface can be used as an input or output for connecting computers or simultaneous workstations.

The ControlCenter Compact series is fully compatible with DVICenter, ControlCenter-Digital and the end components for computer and workstation connections. These also include the DP1.2 vision systems with which latency-free signal transmission of 4K video at a full 60 Hz repetition rate through the matrix is possible.


As a part of the expansion module "TS function", CrossDisplay-Switching enables users to switch between channels simply by moving the mouse. The mouse acts as if on a “virtual desktop” and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor from the active to another display, the keyboardmouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer.

Now users can create an intuitive multi-monitor console and use the mouse to easily switch between channels.

Monitoring & SNMP
The DC-Monitoring feature enables you to detect the system status of G&D devices.
The web interface of the particular device provides information that can be sent (SNMP trap) or queried (SNMP GET) as well.

Dynamic Ports
The dynamic ports of the ControlCenter-Compact are usable for computer or user modules. The ControlCenter-Compact identifies automatically if a computer module or console module is connected.

Channel grouping
In addition to combining multiple computers to a console, the ControlCenter-Compact also supports multi-monitor workstations for computers with several video outputs. Here, multiple channels can easily be combined as channel groups.


Boot loader, operating system and firmware form a trusted computing platform to protect the system against third-party manipulations
integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) protects any access and configuration data against exposure with RSA encryption process
Failover connection (if the central module fails, you can establish a direct connection between user module and computer module and still operate the system). This feature is provided with a cable length of max. 140m.
Support of external authentication via LDAP, Active Directory, TACACS+, Radius
Redundant power supply

Accesses only the computers' standard interfaces
Requires no software installation
Available as desktop and 19" variant
Shipped in an aluminium housing for best noise immunity
Redundant power supply
Hot-pluggable system components
Stay-alive function for computers
Optional integration of power switches (Hardboot CCX)

Network / Communication 
Access protection and user administration can be switched off
Auto-recognition and display of the system structure
Two network ports
Configuration over web interface
Central update of all ControlCenter-Compact components over network
Support of AMX Crestron control

Expandable to up to 6,750 computers or 62 consoles
Expandable with Matrix-Grid™ function
Expandable with power-switching component
Increases the system range to up to 10,000 m over fibre optics
Firmware expansion for multi-monitor consoles (TS function)
Firmware expansion for moving/getting own or external screen contents (Push-Get function)
Firmware expansion for preparing the switching over network (IP-Control-API)



Dynamic ports: 128

The ports can be used to connect either a user module or a target module.
Network connection: 2 × RJ45 socket
Power switch (RS 232):  1 × RJ11 socket

RS485:    1 × RJ45 socket,  reserved for future functions
USB 2.0   2 × USB-A socket 

USB 3.0   1 × USB-A socket

Main power supply Type: internal power pack
Connector: 1 × IEC plug(IEC-320 C14)
Current consumption: ? see specific features

Redundant power supply
Type: internal power pack
Connector: 1 × IEC plug(IEC-320 C14)
Current consumption: ? see specific features


Material: anodised aluminium

Operational environment

Temperature: +5 to+40 °C
Air humidity: < 80%, non-condensing
Conformity CE, RoHs

Interfaces Dynamic ports: 128 × RJ45 socket (CAT)
Power supply Current consumption: 100-240V/60-50Hz, 1.1-0.6A
Housing Dimensions (W × H × D): 435 × 132 × 284 mm
Weight: approx. 5.9 kg

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GDSys ControlCenter Compact 128C. Compact matrix switch with 128 dynamic ports over CatX. 3RU GDSys ControlCenter Compact 128C. Compact matrix switch with 128 dynamic ports over CatX. 3RU
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