Guntermann and Drunck GD-A3110010

GDSys 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter

The high-quality 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter, broadcast professionals can transform SDI to DVI signals hence providing an optimal solution for many broadcast applications, e.g. live broadcastings, post-production, OB vans or studios..

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The Converter facilitates system operation and, depending on requirements, converts SD, HD-SDI and 3G SDI signals to single-link DVI signals. Therefore, signals often used in broadcasting can be converted and connected to G&D DVI Matrix Switches or DVI KVM Extenders at any time. This way SDI video sources can be shown at a DVI monitor. 


The 3G-SDI-to-DVI-Converter from G&D is a reliable high-quality device providing optimised functions and intuitive operation. In addition to the easy operation it offers an audio interface for optimal synchronized video and audio presentation.



  • Supports the following signals on the input side: SD-SDI, HD-SDI und 3G-SDI
  • Display an SDI image source at a DVI display
  • SDI interface operates at bitrates: 2,970 Gbit/s 2,970/1,.001 Gbit/s, 1,485 Gbit/s, 1,485/1,001 Gbit/s and 270 Mb/s
  • Supported range: SDI input distance up to 100m (3G-SDI),
  • 200 m for HD-SDI signals and up to 300 m for SD-SDI signals
  • Auto-detection of connected video sources
  • Implemented audio

Supported SDI input modes:

  • SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, at bitrates of 270 Mbit/s)
  • HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M, at bitrates of 1,485 Gbit/s and 1,485/1,001 Gbit/s)
  • 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M/425M-AB, at bitrates of 2,970 Gbit/s and 2,970/1,001 Gbit/s)

The 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter picks up the video signals of the connected device periphery and converts them to single-link DVI signals.

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GDSys 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter GDSys 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter
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