Guntermann and Drunck GD-A8200014

GDSys TS-Function Digitale Matrix

TS function (turn multiple DVI-CONs into a multi-monitor console, and operate this console through only one keyboard/mouse)   Firmware expansion ControlCenter-Digital.

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Function: DVI-CON pooling
Operation: via hotkeys
Operating requirement: activation within master
Efficiency: 1 cluster

The TradeSwitch function combines multiple user modules (DVI-CON) to one logical console.

The logical console can be operated with one keyboard and one mouse while providing multiple displays (multi-monitor
console). Large screen projections can also be integrated.

A hotkey assigns keyboard and mouse to the DVI-CON devices of the logical console. The user can define up to 10 hotkeys. The size and amount of user groups is optional.

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GDSys TS-Function Digitale Matrix GDSys TS-Function Digitale Matrix
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