Introducing the ADDERLink™ INFINITY 3000
New Product Brings VM Access to the Multi-Award Winning ADDERLink™ INFINITY Range

Seamless and secure switching between virtual and physical machines
Built on successful Intel®1 X-86 architecture
Dual-head video, audio and USB 2.0 over 1GbE
Backwards compatibility with existing ADDERLink INFINITY range

Cambridge, United Kingdom (27/01/2020) – Adder Technology, a global leader in connectivity solutions and high performance IP KVM, today announced the latest addition to its highly successful ADDERLink™ INFINITY range, the ADDERLink INFINITY 3000 (ALIF3000). The new KVM receiver provides virtual machine (VM) access and delivers instant switching between unlimited virtual and physical environments, from a single human-machine interface (HMI).

The benefits of accessing virtualized environments via a single KVM are gaining momentum as organizations and software applications recognize the flexibility and growth opportunities. Yet whilst the adoption of virtualization is rising, many companies are still reluctant to move wholly away from physical machines*.

The ALIF3000 has been designed to seamlessly and securely integrate VM access into an existing ADDERLink INFINITY network without disruption, downtime or costly replacement fees. Built on the successful Intel® X-86 microprocessor architecture, the ALIF3000 delivers pixel-perfect picture quality, audio and USB 2.0 to single or dual screens over a single 1GbE link.

Adrian Dickens, CEO, Adder Technology, said, “It was important for us to ensure our customers can move to, and access, virtual environments at their own pace whilst preserving their initial KVM investment. The ALIF3000 enables exactly that, and has been developed to enable our customers to seamlessly add secure VM access into their existing workflows, at a time that is right for them, without enduring unnecessary costs.”

By integrating the ALIF3000 with the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (AIM), IT administrators can clearly define secure user access rights to ensure that target PCs can only be accessed by permitted users - giving business owners peace of mind and assurance.

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According to Spiceworks (2019), 32% of businesses have already deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and an additional 12% plan to adopt it by 2021
*According to an article in DataCenterNews (3rd Dec, 2019), Forrester claims in its Mainframe In The Age Of Cloud, AI, And Blockchain report that 88% of organizations are still combining physical and virtual IT environments.
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