As desktop real-estate continues to be compromised in busy control room environments, with increasing numbers of computers and more, larger, screens, the ADDERView CCS-MV 4224 is designed to be a complete control room solution that eliminates desktop clutter and presents critical information the way the user needs it. Adder’s new multi-viewer switch empowers users to take total authority of the resources they need access to, when they need them, in 4K UHD resolution. 

The ADDERView CCS-MV 4224 puts users in total control and optimizes workspaces with simultaneous visualization of up to four video, audio and USB signals on one or two monitors. Simply by moving the mouse cursor between onscreen windows, users can switch between computers in real-time and without latency, meaning they can focus on the mission and not the technology. 


Just some of the features of the new multi-viewer include: 
Directly connect a single workstation to four video, audio and USB sources
Access any sources when combined with an ADDERLink® INFINITY IP KVM matrix
Seamless cursor interaction with sources as if using a single desktop
Multiple, color-coded, screen configurations for fast channel identification, real-time data visualization and improved decision making 
Enhanced, decluttered, workspace ergonomics and improved situational awareness.