The Toluca-Mexico City commuter rail is a new transportation system connecting the metropolitan areas of Toluca and Mexico City, with four intermediate stations. The inter city rail service will be the first of its kind in Latin America, providing a transport service to over 300,000 passengers per day - for some, cutting down travel time from two hours to just 39 minutes.

ToLuca-Mexico City Rail

The Toluca-Mexico City commuter rail line required a new Operational Control Center (OCC) to allow operators to ensure passenger safety and reliability on a new section of 57km train line. It was essential that the OCC must be fully operational 24 hours a day to facilitate train service scheduling, deal with unexpected incidents such as fire or trespassing, and maintain the movement of passengers during large-scale events. Due to the time critical nature of work within the OCC, individual workstations needed to be designed in a way that maximised their ergonomic layout and operational efficiency. A videowall was also required to give operators easy and immediate access to the status of the railway line, at any point during the day.


Toluca-Mexico City commuter rail selected an Adder high performance IP KVM matrix solution which was provided by CAF Signalling to manage all I/O devices across 24 separate workstations. Each location is dedicated to a different function such as traffic control, tunnel and station management, security coordination and crisis management. By installing an IP KVM matrix, operators have full control over the number of active screens, the resolution of displays, and the input sources that are available via a single keyboard and mouse. A large multi-channel videowall comprising 28 screens was also installed to give users the ability to easily cast and share a set of source images, in any situation.


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