Automatic Failover to high-speed 3G or 4G LTE Cellular ensures uninterrupted availability for remote networks

  • Failover to Cellular (F2C) at remote sites and data centers maintains connectivity during system failures, network outages and new site turn-up
  • Transparent, automatic failover and failback restores WAN connectivity without manual intervention
  • Combines with Smart OOB™ out-of-band management to deliver resilience, remote troubleshooting and remediation
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems and network infrastructure
  • Minimizes disruption and downtime, providing the highest levels of business continuity

Exceed your network SLAs at remote sites and data centers. Reduce the impact and Mean-Time-To-Recovery (MTTR) of disruptive failures

Why do I need Opengear Failover to Cellular?

The cost of network downtime has never been higher. Incidents resulting in million-dollar losses of business revenue and employee productivity due to a simple network fault are now common in large and small organizations across many industries - including retail, banking, construction, and healthcare. With tight budgets and limited staff, network administrators, CTOs, and CIOs are seeking a network continuity solution that they can trust.

Opengear Failover to Cellular provides continued Internet connectivity for remote LANs and equipment, over high speed 3G or 4G LTE networks when the primary Internet link is unavailable. Cellular wireless offers both the speed to keep your network running smoothly, and the link diversity for true WAN resilience. Building on robust IP Passthrough technology, Opengear F2C integrates easily into your existing installs or can be rapidly deployed for instant-on connectivity for new network turn-ups and mobile business locations like pop-up stores.


Combined with the unique Smart OOB™ out-of-band management capabilities built into all Opengear products, Failover to Cellular helps you to quickly troubleshoot and remediate network problems remotely, without interrupting critical business operations. Equip your remote network with Opengear and experience both a drop in frequency of network interruptions with Failover to Cellular, and drastic reduction of recovery time with Smart OOB™ to mitigate the risk and minimize the cost of downtime.

Why do I need Smart OOB™ in addition to failover?

Failover to Cellular enables continuity of business operations when the primary Internet connection is down.

During a failure event, it is critical to quickly assess and remediate the problem, and bring your infrastructure back to its normal state of operation. Opengear's Smart OOB™ capabilities monitor your critical network and power devices, alerting you to important events. Only Opengear leverages the latest cellular technologies and low-level out-of-band infrastructure management to provide remote access and control even when both WAN or LAN networks are down.

By combining failover connectivity, proactive issue notification and root cause remediation, Opengear delivers maximum uptime and cost effective recovery from network issues - from short-term ISP glitches to local equipment faults and misconfiguration.

Which Opengear products provide Failover to Cellular?

Failover to Cellular is built-in to all cellular-enabled Opengear products - including the ACM5000, ACM5500, IM4200, and IM7200. Smart OOB™ capabilities are available in all Opengear devices. Opengear devices deployed at remote sites and in data centers can be centrally and securely managed via Opengear Lighthouse Centralized Management System.