G&D introduces Display Port extender providing High resolutions and dual-head applications with minimum cabling


In order to meet the ever-increasing distribution of Display Port, G&D has developed a new type of KVM extender. The DP-HR-DH series provides users with maximum flexibility for their applications.


[DP-HR-DH DisplayPort KVM extender for matrix switch applications, sender and receiver: two video interfaces but a single transmission line]


As usual, the extender system offers the same high quality as any other G&D device: without latency for high-performance remote computer operation and with brilliant image quality even at high resolutions. Thus, the system supports any video format within a bandwidth of 300 MPxl/s including applications with 2K at 60 Hz or 4K at 30 Hz.


The system’s transmission quality remains the same over the entire distance. Variants based on CAT cables transmit signals up to 140 m. This distance can be expanded up to 10 km when using variants based on fibre optics. Therefore, the system easily adapts to any predefined infrastructure required for the installation.


As is the case for the entire G&D portfolio, the developers put special emphasis on the system’s flexibility: that’s why the devices each offer two Display Port connectors at the input and the output side. Now users can decide if they want to use the system for one single video channel at full video bandwidth (i.e. 2K at 60 Hz) or if they want to distribute the bandwidth on two dual-head channels (hence the name -DH) with a standard resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz or Full HD. Whether one or two video channels – in both cases the signals are transmitted solely on one single line, with fibre optics on one cable pair. This way, users save 50 % of cabling effort compared to classic dual-head extenders. The device even covers changing requirements. Thus, customers are not required to decide for a special variant but are able to flexibly switch between DH and 2K/4K.


G&D attaches great importance to a wide range of products in order to cover any customer requirements. This also includes that the devices are compatible with each other. Thus, the new DH extenders fit seamlessly into the world of G&D matrix switch systems: used as computer modules and user modules at a ControlCenter-Digital or a DVICenter, the signals do not need to be extended point to point but can also be switched as desired. There too, the new cabling comes with significant advantages: transmitting two video signals on one line saves 50% of the ports at the central switch – and therefore does not only result in less complex cabling but also in a significant commercial advantage, which can be in the form of a smaller matrix switch.


The new DP-HR-DH extender series will be available from the beginning of June and will be introduced at Broadcast Asia, June 2-5, in Singapore and at InfoComm, June 17 - 19, in Orlando, Florida. 


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 Available in Australia through KVM Australia