KVM for ships, harbours and offshore platforms

SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, takes place in Hamburg starting September 9. Here, Guntermann & Drunck who have been KVM pioneers for almost three decades will present KVM products for maritime IT applications on ship bridges, in control rooms and on offshore platforms – all compliant with IEC 60945.


German KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck will present their KVM portfolio for the maritime industry at SMM which is considered Europe’s biggest trade fair for the maritime industry and takes place across Hamburg’s entire trade fair showground, 9-12 September 2014.  KVM equipment can be applied in the most versatile ways:

  • on ship bridges and technical control rooms
  • in control rooms monitoring harbours and seaways
  • on offshore platforms.


G&D carefully selected specific products of their portfolio to have them tested according to specification IEC 60945. Complying with this norm, G&D KVM products are now ready to be applied in engine rooms, technology rooms and even on ship bridges. The specification includes numerous tests regarding the environment (heat, cold, vibration), security and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and meets an international standard.


Increasing the productivity of humans and computers

For users on ship bridges or control rooms, applying KVM means working without any distractions caused by computer equipment – no heat, no emissions, no fan noise. The equipment itself benefits from access-protected, air-conditioned server rooms leading to reliable performances and long life cycles. The IT staff is able to maintain and configure the equipment from the server room without having to go to the bridge or to the control room where they would distract the people working there.


What does KVM mean?

Originally, the acronym KVM characterized a technology for switching or extending a computer’s keyboard, video and mouse signals. Over the years, more signals have been added to the functional range, and KVM was enhanced by various management and monitoring functions. The three main product groups are KVM extenders (extending of computer signals), KVM switches (switching of KVM signals) and KVM matrix switches (extending and switching of computer signals).

KVM lets you separate computer hardware from users. The computer equipment is removed into access-secured and air-conditioned server rooms. KVM extender and matrix switches allow users to access their equipment anyway. KVM switches allow users to switch between different computers with one set of monitors, keyboard and mouse only. To bridge the distance between computers and users, KVM uses the existing cable infrastructure (twisted pair or optical fibres). Nonetheless, signals are extended and switched without requiring any network and independently from any operating system.

Thanks to in-house development and manufacturing, all G&D products can be combined into a broad variety of solutions. As a special offer to the ship building industry, G&D provides devices with power supplies of 12 or 24 Volt.


See you in Hamburg

The team of Guntermann & Drunck GmbH look forward to meeting visitors of SMM at stand 415 in hall B6 where interesting parties can discuss individual ideas, projects and their challenges directly with the team of KVM experts. And if you can’t wait until SMM, we invite you to visit http://maritime.gdsys.de for more information.

 Available in Australia through KVM Australia 1800 222 898 http://www.kvm.com.au

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