Switching DisplayPort via matrix

G&D is expanding its product portfolio with two new DisyplayPort modules for the matrix – the computer and user modules DP-CPU and DP-CON. Now, for the first time, you can integrate DisplayPort computers into a matrix.


Did you know that you can combine DP-CPU and DP-CON modules to one extender line? This solution lets you operate computers placed up to 140 m away from your console.

NEW: Fibre connection for the ControlCenter-Digital

The new DVI-CPU-Fibre and DVI-CON-Fibre lets you use fibre optics with the ControlCenter-Digital.


Restrictions when it comes to transmission distances are now things of the past. With fiber optics, users and computers can be placed up to 10,000 m apart from each other.

DVI-CON-2 – more safety thanks to redundancy


The new DVI-CON-2 user module can be connected to up to two matrix clusters to establish a redundant system that’s always available. The module provides the interfaces for peripheral devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker/microphone).

If you need to connect USB 2.0 or RS232 devices at the remote console, you can use a U2-R-CON module to connect these devices to the matrix. Expect the new DVI-CON-2 at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.