Icron is releasing a new firmware version X07 for all Icron Raven 3104 and 3104 Pro and Raven 3124 USB 3-2-1 extender systems.

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to improve system stability and to continue to support interoperability with the widest range of USB devices and host Operating Systems.

Q1: What extender models will be impacted by the firmware change?

A1: The following listed models (packaged as systems or individually packaged Local and Remote extender units) will be updated to the latest X07 firmware
Raven 3104 USB 3-2-1 Extender over 100m CAT6a/7
Raven 3124 USB 3-2-1 Extender over 200m MMF
Raven 3104 Pro USB 3-2-1 Extender over 100m CAT6a/7

Q2: What firmware changes are being made to the Raven Series?

A2: The ExtremeUSB-C™ firmware is being revised from X05 to X07. It includes updates to enhance compatibility and more features to improve product stability. Full details can be found in the X07 Firmware Release Notes.

Q3: Is X07 backward compatible with X05?

A3: No, X07 is NOT backwards compatible to X05. The complete system, Local extender and Remote extender must both be operating on X07 firmware. If you purchase Raven as individual Local or Remote extender units (FRUs) instead of a system, please ensure both the Local and Remote units in a paired installation have the same firmware version.

Q4: When will the transition to X07 firmware take place?

A4: X07 firmware is available now and will be transitioned at the factory beginning March 20, 2022, although effective shipping dates will vary on a per extender model basis depending on existing inventory levels. For more information, please check with your Account Manager or email IcronSales@MaximIntegrated.com.


Q5: How will I know if the extender units I have received have X07 firmware?

A5: The standard serial number (found on the bottom enclosure and product box labels) contains a 2-digit firmware number in the format: IC31x4L-FW-ZXXXXX (whereby FW will be changed from 05 to 07 indicating the unit’s firmware version).


Q6: Can I self-upgrade my existing Raven extenders? A6: Yes, the general upgrade procedure is outlined in the X07 Release Notes. You can also obtain detailed instructions and the firmware file by contacting Icron Technical Support and filling out the short online support request form. For further information or more questions about this PCN, please contact your Account Manager, or email our Inside Sales Team.

Q7: What Happened to X06?

A7: X06 was an internal release and not put into production. Changes made in X06 are included in X07.