Adder KMU2P

Adder USB-PS2 Converter cable

Adder KMU2P KMU2P converter adapts USB keyboard and mouse connections to traditional PS/2-style inputs for use with older PC systems and equipment. The KMU2P converter emulates the presence of a keyboard and mouse (via the PS/2 connectors) to the device at all times. This means that when used with a KVM switch, there will be no delay in response when switching to this channel..

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Adders new reverse PS2 - USB adaptor.  2 x PS2 male connectors and 2 x USB Female connectors. The KM2UP converter adapts USB Keyboard and Mouse connections to traditional PS/2 style inputs for use with older PC Systems and equipment.

Other brand USB - PS Adaptor work the other way round


Like the Adder CCP2U is a converter that adapts the traditional PS/2 Keyboard and mouse connections for use with a USB port. 

The software inside the CCP2U converter can emulate keyboards for various computers without modification. 

  • When used in conjunction with Adder MP -type KVM switches it can support PC, Apple and Sun systems as standard. 


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Adder USB-PS2 Converter cable Adder USB-PS2 Converter cable
$195.00 In stock