Matrix CON end devices with new ports and functions

Generic HID USB:

Short for Human Interface Device, HID refers to a device class of the USB specification. As ‘Generic HID’, the device class is now supported by our digital matrix systems. The function allows you to directly connect any USB HID device (e.g. touch screens or graphics tablets) to a console device and to use the matrix application to operate the device without emulation. When switching the console to a target, the connected computer detects the active HID device as if it was connected directly to one of the computer’s local USB ports. Try it out by getting the function with a free firmware update.


Integrated transparent USB 2.0:

The Guntermann and Drunck newly developed User Console devices now transmit integrated transparent USB 2.0 over the same transmission line as KVM signals. This means that the new installations require one cable only, thus saving peripherals and cables. The function is supported by all devices that comply with the USB 2.0 specification.