Guntermann and Drunck GD-A1120031

Guntermann and Drunck UCON

UCON user modules connect monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the CATCenter X2 system. UCONs do not transmit audio signals.

CAT cables connect the devices to the CATCenter. UCONs also provide the required interfaces for any peripherals.

UCONs are available in variants for direct (= 1:1 via CAT cable) and digital (over IP) access.


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UCON (direct access)


UCONs provide the following features:

  • Dedicated 1:1 connection
  • Large video bandwidth
  • High performance (1:1)
  • No latencies

If the console to be installed is attached to a certain place and placed within a  maximum distance of 300 metres away from the farthest computer, we recommend deploying direct access UCONs.


  • UCON for direct access
  • console up to 300 metres away from the computer module


  • VGA Video
  • Keyboard/Mouse PS/2 + USB


  • select computers via OSD or hotkeys
  • configuration via OSD (and web interface at CATCenter NEO)
  • supports both TS and Push-Get function (see expansions)

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Guntermann and Drunck UCON Guntermann and Drunck UCON
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