The Raritan MZCIM-USB, interface module are for use in conjunction with the Raritan MasterConsole Z (MZUST).  The MZCIMs are linked in a chain via Category 5e UTP cable, and servers are connected to each of the MZCIMs. Please note that these MZCIMs are not compatible with P2ZCIMs or ZU4200 CIMs..

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Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs) – connect directly to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of target servers via PS/2, USB or SUN interfaces, and provide failsafe server access with Raritan's dedicated Keyboard/mouse emulation. MZCIMs are linked
(chained) one to the next with a single Cat5e UTP cable; the first MZCIM in the chain is linked to the User Station, also using Cat5e UTP cable.
The same cable chain can accommodate PS/2, Sun and USB-connected servers, making this switchless KVM solution particularly economical.

Simple plug-and-play operation
? User-defined port names
? Password authorization
? On-site flash firmware upgrades
? User console hot-connection to any server
? Keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation
? Support of high-resolution video – up to 1600 x 1200
? Automatic Video Tuning (AVT) to adjust video quality automatically
? Control servers up to 213 meters away
? Mixed multi-platform server with PS/2, USB, Sun and Sun USB interface
? 1 user, control of up to 64 servers

What are the components of a MasterConsole Z system?
A MasterConsole Z system consists of three components: a User Station (MZUST), Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs) and a Terminator (TER-ZCIM). Computer Interface Modules connect to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of each computer (PS/2, USB or SUN) and provide failsafe computer access with Raritans dedicated keyboard/mouse emulation. MZCIMs are linked one to the next with a single Category 5e UTP cable; the last MZCIM in the chain is linked to the User Station. The User Station allows a person at one user console (keyboard, mouse and monitor) to select and control up to 64 servers via a simple, on-screen user interface.

How do MZCIMs work?
MZCIMs connect up to 64 servers in a daisy-chain," each MZCIM plugging into one server's keyboard, video and mouse ports, as well as the MZCIMs preceding it and following it in the chain. The MZCIMS securely receive and transmit KVM signalling between the servers and the MasterConsole Z User Station over a UTP Cat5 cable. With the User Station, an administrator can select between target servers to access and control, and can grow the chain to add more servers as needed.

Chain and control up to 64 servers with Cat5e UTP cables up to 213 meters.

0,22 kg 50 x 101 x 25mm

Raritan's MasterConsole Z is a space-saving, flexible KVM solution that allows one user to access and manage up to 64 (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers through a daisy-chain of computer interface modules (MZCIMs), one connected to each target server.
Designed for small to medium-sized data centers, the MasterConsole Z:
? Saves space: Requiring only a small user station at the desktop, it works without a traditional ”switch” and therefore takes up no rack space.
? Simplifies installation: Its server-to-server cat5e daisy chain eliminates unwieldy server-to-switch coax cables, simplifying installation. Servers can be added anywhere in the chain at any time.
? Supports multiple platforms: It works with a mixture of servers having PS/2, USB and Sun interfaces. This allows one ”switchless” KVM solution to manage what previously incurred the additional cost of converters in multi-platform environments.
? Extends access: It can access servers up to 213 meters away over Cat5e UTP cable. It is designed to support the most challenging demands of the small to medium-size data center, where space is at a premium or where system administrators work outside the server room.
? Simplifies server administration: Allows administrators to select servers by user-defined names from an on-screen menu.
? Secures KVM access: Protects controlled servers with login and password.
? Supports flash upgrades: Both components (the User Station and the MZCIMs) can be upgraded, insuring the value of the initial investment against obsolescence.

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